• AERO MP nitrocom 3Roam
  • AERO MP nitrocom 3Roam

Aero MP

Best in class PTP & PTMP with high built-in quality.
Offering MIMO 2×2 and dynamic spectrum analysis with zero downtime. Mobility management with advanced handover algorithm and licensed and unlicensed bands (4.9 to 6.4 GHz).
Working in harsh environments with ATEX certifications.

3Roam’s AERO MPs are designed with an integrated spectrum analyzer, enabling dynamic frequency hopping for improved performance in spectrum congested areas .


Product Description

Aero MP

AERO MP base stations are capable of up to 240 Mbps capacity reducing capital expenditure. A full choice of channel bandwidth is available from 3.5 MHz to 40 MHz.
This eliminates the need for high gain antennas when space is limited.
MIMO 2×2 i.e. Multiple Input / Multiple Output uses two antennas at the transmitter and the receiver side to combine and extract the best signal.
Is available with a range of integrated antennas from 16 dBi to 28 dBi to optimise installation costs and rental cost on telecom masts.
Is available in several versions for both the base station side and the receiver side.


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