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Nitrowave L30dbm

Nitrowave L30dbm have features such as automatic organization, automatic optimization and automatic troubleshooting that improve the stability of the entire wireless network.

This Wireless Controller also offers features such as frequency which is adjustable and tuneable.0-25mhz for each suband and Each bands support 3 maximum sub-bands.

Manufacture Suggested Retail Price: USD 2,300 for each


Product Description

Nitrowave L30dbm Product

Nitrowave L30dbm is a convenient way to use high-density wireless networks and suitable for large-scale indoor installations – Broad frequency range – Each subband be on and off, and seperate gain control.
Lower Power Consumption – Using digital processing technology, the signal quality is stable – The transmission rate is higher, the transmission capacity is larger. Therefore, it takes the necessary steps to protect the network before any unwanted events occur and possible network damage.

Additional Information


GSM900 (Uplink: 880~915 MHz), (Downlink: 925~960 MHz)
DCS/LTE1800 (Uplink: 1710-1785 MHz), (Downlink: 1805-1880 MHz)
WCDMA2100 (Uplink: 1920-1980 MHz), (Downlink: 2110-2170 MHz)

Subbands No.

Maximum Support 3 Subband for each System

Subbands Wideth

Uplink: 0-25MHz (100Khz for each step), Downlink: 0-25MHz (100KHz for each step)

Working Bandwideth

GSM900 (0~35MHz), DCS/LTE1800 (0~75MHz), WCDMA2100(0~60MHz)

System Gain

Uplink: 85±1dB, Downlink: 85±1dB

Maximum Output Power (Each Band)

Uplink: 27±1dBm, Downlink: 30±1dBm


Input Level rise 25dB, output stay at ±2dB or shut off

MGC Range

≧31dB, 1 step for 1dB

Ripple in Band

≤5dB in GSM ≤8dBm in DCS&WCDMA

Noise Figure

≤7dB @Max Gain


Uplink: ≤ 2.0:1, Downlink: ≤ 2.0:1

System Delay

≤5 μs


≤-45dBc (GSM)


≤12.5 (UMTS)




Uplink: 50 Ω, Downlink: 50 Ω

Spurious Emission

Uplink: ≤-36dBm/100KHz @9KHz~1GHz, Downlink: ≤-30dBm/1MHz@1GHz~12.75GHz

Max. non-destructive input power

Uplink: 10dBm, Downlink: 10dBm

Manual Gain Control

Downlink: 31dB in step of 1dB

Automatic Gain Control

Downlink: ≧25dB

Operating temperature range

-25 ºC to +65 ºC

Relative humidity

5% – 95%

Ingress protection


Monitoring and control

RJ45 (Local and Remote Control Ethenet Publice IP Network)









Power supply

110-260V 60Hz/50Hz

Power consumption rating


RF Connectors type

2 x N-Female

Install Method

Wall Mount or Pole Mount


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