BridgeWave’s high capacity wireless products are enabled by innovative transceiver, modem and digital signal processing technologies. BridgeWave’s products utilize the licensed microwave radio spectrum in the 6 to 38 GHz range as well as the millimeter wave radio spectrum in the 60 to 80 GHz range, enabling multi-protocol SONET/SDH and gigabit Ethernet wireless connectivity at affordable price points.

Setting the standard for product quality, BridgeWave employs Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) during design and Highly Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) during production to ensure the highest levels of product reliability and customer satisfaction.

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Flex4G – LITE (ETSI)

Spectrum-Efficient 3Gbps Link The BridgeWave Flex4G-Lite (ANSI) is an all outdoor, IP radio systemoprating in the 71-86Ghz frequency band with capacities up to 3Gbps using 64QAM modulation.

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80 GHz Multi-Gigabit Ethernet, CPRI, and SONET/SDH Wireless Backhaul for 4G/LTE Networks BridgeWave’s Flex4G-3000 with support for backhaul capacity of up to 3.2 gbps per radio while operating in spectrally efficient 256QAM modulation has been designed

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BW64 / BW64E

60 GHz Gigabit Ethernet Wireless Backhaul.BridgeWave’s BW64 and BW64E combines high-performance, simplicity and flexibility in an all-outdoor 60 GHz backhaul solution.

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Ultra High Availability Wireless Backhaul Solutions for 4G/LTE Networks.BridgeWave’s innovative Flex4G-UHA has been designed to alleviate the strain on backhaul connections by combining advanced radio and modem capabilities with carrier-grade Ethernet features.

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FlexPort μWave

Ultra High Capacity Microwave Links for High Bandwidth Applications For environments where a single 150/160 MHz channel cannot be utilized, the -700 model uses 64QAM and three 50 MHz (18 & 23 GHz) channels to provide 700 Mbps full-duplex transmission.

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With a base capacity of 100 Mbps full-duplex, EtherFlex provides higher initial capacity than other all-outdoor microwave solutions and is easily upgrade-able to full duplex 364 Mbps (ETSI) or 314 Mbps (ANSI) capacity with a single software license key.