RACOM is one of the leading global players in SCADA & Telemetry data transfer around the world and has steady growth and profitability throughout its entire existence Every year, for a quarter of a century.Racom foundations were laid in 1989, shortly before the fall of Communism in the former Czechoslovakia.

RACOM operates with no debts with cash-flow also managed internally.This excel犀利士
lent record not only proves the merits of RACOM‘s technology and continued market success, but lasting customer satisfaction; and the right level of management skill to take RACOM forward in this progressive technology market.

Racom has different representative and distributor across the world, Nitrocom is proud to be Racom UAE distributor犀利士
strong> and providing services on behalf of them in Dubai and all UAE region.

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Racom UAE distributor Dubai and all UAE region