• ePMP 2000 nitrocom cambium networksePMP 2000 nitrocom cambium networks
    ePMP2000 is the next generation of affordable connectivity, built from the ground up to handle interference better than ever before by Cambium networks.
  • PTP700 Connectorized nitrocom cambium networksPTP700 Connectorized nitrocom cambium networks
    National defense, border security, industrial communications and critical infrastructure operators have experienced massive growth in bandwidth demands for reliable and secure broadband connectivity and backhaul.
  • PTP 810 cambium networks nitrocomPTP 810 cambium networks nitrocom
    Our highly-flexible, convenient Cambium Point-to-Point PTP 810 Licensed Microwave Solutions are designed to help you make this transition smoothly and cost-effectively. Our advanced PTP 810 technology platform is designed to provide the carrier-grade reliability and high performance necessary to address your current and future network needs as you migrate from legacy TDM technology to a packetbased environment.