Leased Line Replacement

Due to competitive market pressures, businesses are increasingly looking to IT departments, to improve productivity and control costs. Businesses are recognizing the many advantages of utilizing high-capacity wireless links to replace fiber or aging copper-based leased lines, both in terms of cost and network performance.

On the cost side, GigE wireless links provide a rapid return-on-investment, relative to the costs of leasing high-speed circuits. A GigE wireless link can provide fiber-like speeds and latency, for a one-time expenditure of about two-thirds of the annual cost of leasing an equivalent fiber-based service. Wireless GigE links also eliminate the initial installation costs for fiber services that may be needed in many cases when new fiber runs need to be constructed.

In addition to the significant savings, gigabit wireless links also provide increased capacity and a ‘future-proof’ network. Transmission rates provided by these gigabit wireless links mean that the backbone will remain free of bottlenecks as application capacity needs grow. These millimeter wave GigE wireless links provide full-rate, non-blocked gigabit throughput speeds with latency comparable to that of an Ethernet switch, yielding a fiber-equivalent backbone link that is perfect for transporting real-time applications such as video and VoIP.

Advantages of NITROCOM Gigabit Wireless Links:

  • High Capacity – full-rate, full-duplex GigE capacity
  • Reliability – carrier-class 99.999% availability
  • Security – inherent and advanced security options
  • Privacy – dedicated connectivity between buildings
  • Scalability – bandwidth on demand, easily upgradeable
  • Cost – eliminate recurring leased line costs
  • Installation –  Easy installation within days
  • Distance – up to 6 miles (9 km)

Business Continuity

The resiliency, reliability and security of information technology and communications infrastructure are essential to the productivity and in some cases, profitability of enterprise, service provider, and government networks, including municipal and military applications.  Businesses cannot afford interruptions or tolerate any downtime caused by natural forces or man-made disasters and must be doing their utmost to minimize the impact of such a calamity. Existing telecommunication connections, especially for sensitive applications, should have some form of redundancy which allows secondary transmission paths to become available instantaneously should the primary path fails due to ground-based or any other disturbances.

NITROCOM highly-reliable 60 GHz and 80 GHz wireless links provide carrier-grade availability and secure connectivity as backup for existing fiber paths.

Suited for backhauling high capacity data, voice and video streams, NITROCOM low latency wireless links are fast, easy to install and can be deployed within a single day.

Cornel University and Buncombe County are two examples of organizations that selected NITROCOM gigabit wireless links to harden their network and ensure real-time data access. Click on Cornell press announcement and Buncombe County press announcement to learn more about these successful installations.


Businesses have several technology choices for transmitting data between buildings or sites. Although wireless technology typically costs less and is faster to deploy than wired alternatives, concerns about the security of wireless connections have often made people think twice about deploying these solutions. Indeed, there have been well-publicized reported data security breaches associated with wireless LAN systems, and the idea that wireless signals may be able to be received at locations other than just where the desired receiver is located can certainly raise fears regarding data security.

NITROCOM Secure Enterprise Wireless Solution

NITROCOM Communications offers point-to-point wireless bridges in the millimeter wave spectrum at 60 GHz and 80 GHz, providing full Gigabit Ethernet communications. Operating in these upper millimeter-wave frequency bands enables cost-effective multi-gigabit operation (due to the large spectrum allocations) and, in addition, mitigates the traditional security risks associated with lower-frequency wireless transmissions platforms. As frequency increases, antenna beamwidths decrease, so with even a compact, one-foot 60 or 80 GHz antenna, the radio beamwidths are on the order of one degree or less! The extremely narrow beam widths effectively provide virtual pipes between the ends of the links, making signal interception or jamming virtually impossible.

The Strongest Encryption Available Today

Beyond the exceptional physical layer security, NITROCOM provides an additional layer of security by offering built-in 256-bit AES data encryption – the strongest encryption commercially available. This is an ideal solution for organizations that require all sensitive data leaving their buildings or sites to be protected by the strongest encryption standards available. NITROCOM provides the highest capacity millimeter wave systems today. Coupled with the built-in AES, NITROCOM provides you with the most secure wireless system in the marketplace. Talk with one of our experts about deploying and maintaining a NITROCOM Communications point-to-point wireless solution for your business.


  • “Virtual pipes” protect sensitive corporate information and customer data
  • Built-in encryption solution is simple to deploy and cost-effective


  • Supports HIPAA-compliant network deployments
  • Wire-speed encryption for maximum throughput of large file transfers


  • FIPS-certified implementation complies with government encryption policies
  • Meets “Top Secret” security standards


  • Network management traffic can be physically separated from application data flows
  • Cipher Block Chaining (128-bit blocks) conceals patterns in plain-text