• AERO LH nitrocom 3roam
  • AERO LH nitrocom 3roam


Secure your Long Haul trunks with space diversity

AERO LH integrates up to 16 RF channels in a single chassis for high performance links with frequency diversity, RF band diversity, space diversity and XPIC while providing STM1 and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.


Product Description


  • Rack mounted solution (RF and base band modem blades) with RF versatility
  • Industry’s widest coverage of frequency bands: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13 GHz
  • Up to 512 QAM modulation
  • Full indoor single chassis (full outdoor cabinet option)
  • Range of configurations from SDH to mixed SDH/IP or full IP
  • High-power radios (35 dBm) provide longer links, higher availability with minimum power consumption.
  • 3Roam’s AERO LH provides synchronization in the network with Sync E, IEE 1588v2 and SDH regeneration section mode.
  • AERO LH provides advanced Ethernet features (Link Aggregation, QoS, Ring Protection) for integration into carrier class network configuration.


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