• PTP 650 nitrocom Cambium networksPTP 650 nitrocom Cambium networks
    The Cambium Networks PTP 650L is our Enterprise Access and Video Surveillance point to point solution. This platform is ideal for enterprise services such as data, VoIP, video conferencing video surveillance and backup connection services. The solution can be cost-effectively deployed and configured within hours, providing robust connectivity in various LOS/nLOS/NLOS environments including urban environments with reflective NLOS paths.
  • PTP 820 nitrocom cambium networksPTP 820 nitrocom cambium networks
    PTP 820 is a point-to-point licensed microwave backhaul platform that integrates leading networking functionality with the industry’s most advanced microwave technologies creating a superior transport solution.
  • cnPilot E500 nitrocom cambium networkscnPilot E500 nitrocom cambium networks
    A scalable solution that’s ideal for smart city, government, and industrial applications, cnPilot™ E500 is designed to support wired or rapid wireless deployments. The enterprise-grade access points enable reliable and secure WiFi service rollout for networks managed by either the service provider or enterprise, and even in remote locations.