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RTN 905

RTN 905 is ready for a variety of synchronization scenarios, no matter RTN alone or synergy with other venders,It Supports the following clock:

  • PDH tributary clock
  • Radio link clock
  • TDM cascading interface clock
  • 2048 kbit/s or 2048 kHz external clock
  • Synchronous Ethernet clock
  • IEEE 1588 V2(TC/BC)

Product Description

RTN 905

With 1U high compact design, RTN 905 include 905 1A(1+0,Hybrid),905 2A(2+0/1+1/XPIC,Hybrid) and 905 1C(1+0,Packet).
It can independently construct a network or seamlessly work with RTN 910, RTN 950, or RTN 980.
RTN 905 provide 4 x GE(RJ45)+2 x GE/FE(o) or GE(e) SFP module+ 16 xE1 interface, 2x STM-1 interface(905 1C),and 2 x TDM cascading interface.
RTN 905 supports 12-grade modulation schemes, Range from QPSK to 1024 QAM, plus the additional QPSK Strong/16QAM Strong /512 QAM light/1024QAM light mode.
Strong and light indicate FEC coding strength.
Strong FEC improves receiver sensitivity by increasing error-correcting codes. Light FEC expands service capacity by reducing error-correcting codes.

Additional Information


Native Ethernet services: E-Line service and E-LAN service
PW-carried Ethernet services: E-Line service and E-Aggr service


Supports IEEE 802.1ag- and IEEE 802.3ah-compliant ETH-OAM function.
Supports ITU-T Y.1731-compliant packet loss measurement,delay measurement, and delay variation measurement.


CE,ETSI EN 60950
MEF 9, MEF 14


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