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RTN 910

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The OptiX RTN 910 supports high-efficient encapsulation technology and provides theframe header compression function at air interfaces to increase the throughput of packetservices
When the frame header compression function is disabled, the throughput reachesa maximum of about 500 Mbit/s upon 56 MHz channel bandwidth.
When the frame headercompression function is enabled, the throughput reaches a maximum of 1000 Mbit/s upon56 MHz channel bandwidth.


Product Description

RTN 910

The OptiX RTN 910 supports integrated IP radio, high bandwidth, and high transmissionefficiency.

  • The integrated IP radio is capable of transmitting any or several of the following three typesof services:
    Native E1/STM-1, Native Ethernet, and packet services encapsulated throughPWE.
  • The types of services can be configured by using software.
  • Therefore, the OptiXRTN 910 supports a smooth upgrade from the Hybrid radio to the Packet radio.
  • The integrated IP radio supports flexible configuration of transmission modes forvarious services.
  • The equipment can transmit TDM E1 services, ATM/IMA E1 services,and Ethernet services in Native mode or in PWE mode.
  • The integrated IP radio has a maximum capacity of 470 Mbit/s at air interfaces.
  • InHybrid radio mode, a maximum of 75 Native E1 services or 1xSTM-1 service can betransmitted with Ethernet services.
  • The OptiX RTN 910 supports channel bandwidth from 3.5 MHz to 56 MHz at air interfaces.
  • The OptiX RTN 910 supports QPSK to 1024QAM modulation with QPSK/16QAM strong

Additional Information


6 to 23 GHz

Channel Space

30 up to 50 MHz

Ethernet functions


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